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About Salon Vibe

Salon Vibe is talking the talk and walking the walk. We believe in being eco-friendly, responsible, and being a voice directed towards the right thing to do.

  • We recycle, all of our cardboard, plastic and even color tubes and bottles.
  • We use computers for all that we do here at Salon Vibe to save paper.
  • Buying bulk cream and sugar to save over 300,000 non-recyclable creamer cups per year.
  • We've installed low T8 energy-efficient light bulbs.
  • We promote Tea Tree products which are all natural and not tested on animals.
  • $1 of each Tea Tree sale is put towards planting new trees for new life of eco-friendly environments.
  • All blow dryers and flat irons used are energy-efficient and low emission.
  • We do not use plastic or paper cups and silverware in order to save up to 58,000 plastic and paper utensils each year.

And when you choose Paul Mitchell, you support organizations that do good around the world. Over the years, Paul Mitchell has donated millions of dollars to many worthy causes.

Treat hair from the inside out. 
With eight luxury products featuring
proven ingredients to restore dry, damaged hair.

Paul Mitchell

With quality ingredients, state-of-the-art technology and top performance, it’s no wonder that Paul Mitchell® is the most trusted name in hair care. Organized by Categories, Paul Mitchell products do exactly what they say, so they’re easy to use and easy to recommend. Pure and simple: Paul Mitchell offers luxurious, results-driven hair care at an affordable price.

Focus:"the concentration of attention or energy on something, maximum clarity or distinctness of an idea".

Focus Salons choose to exclusively feature John Paul Mitchell Systems products, including hair care, hair color and other chemical service products.